Competition 2019

Student Competition entry form

For schools participating in the school outreach event, we are excited to announce a student competition! Winners will receive a monetary prize and their winning entry will be featured on this website.

You will have hopefully heard of the Periodic Table of Elements. For this competition, we want you to imagine what the Periodic Table of Sustainable Elements would look like. Be as creative and colourful as you like! It can be hand drawn or a digital image. What does it mean to you? What should it look like to convey the important messages of sustainable development to chemistry students?

We will have an overall winner and some special commendations for each school the program visits in 2019.

To enter, simply send a good-quality image file (pdf, jpg, gif, png, tif, heic) of your Periodic Table of Sustainable Elements to us via the following online entry form:

Student Competition entry form

Entries close December 31st. Winning entries will be featured on this website after the conclusion of the competition (by end Jan, 2020).