School visit - Swan Hill College

For our first Periodic Table of Sustainable Elements chemistry outreach event of 2020, we visited Swan Hill College today!

Heading north, we travelled to Swan Hill College, where 150+ students from year 8 joined 14 student leaders from year 9 in the school library. Clearing out momentarily the library space provided a cosy space for our demonstrations and activities. It was exciting to see the students getting involved and asking so many questions!

On behalf of the team, can we thank Lee Tompsett who worked tirelessly before and during the day to make the event such a success. It was also amazing to see how she had incorporated role of the student leaders the inquiry and science communication focus of their current year 9 studies.

Once again, the amazing positive attitudes of our Deakin Uni student volunteers uplifted the whole day and I think this came across to the students, so a big thank you to everyone for this.

Only the one day rest, and then we head into the Alpine region later this week.