Systems thinking teacher resources

Here are some resources for teachers that can help you apply systems thinking in the classroom! Some are specific to systems thinking, and some specifically apply to teaching chemistry.

This paper includes 7 activities related to systems thinking Collen A, Minati G. “Seven activities to engage systems thinking” retrieved 3 June 2020 (link)
This paper explains the 5 learning disciplines for systems thinking Donella Meadows Project, Academy of Systems Change 2020 “Systems thinking resources” retrieved 3 June 2020 (link)
Parable of the Polygons provides teachers with a creative way to open up the discussion around bias and its impact on society. Hart V , Case N undated “Parable of the polygons a playable post on the shape of society” (link)
This website discusses show to begin applying systems thinking in the classroom Activate Learning 2020 “Systems Thinking, Activate Learning” retrieved 5 May 2020 (link)
This has several resources on applying systems thinking in chemistry International Organisation for Chemical Sciences in Development 2020 “Teacher resources” retrieved 5 May 2020 (link)